Tiling Materials

We stock all the materials required to renovate an old floor or tile a complete floor from scratch. Cleaners, sealers, glue removers etc for restoring an older floor or materials to fit a new one.  As well as adhesives, self leveller and grout we also stock the preparation materials too.

We of course supply all the loose component tiles; triangles, strips, squares, patterned pieces etc in all the colours. These can be purchased individually and do not cost much.

Main materials for renovating an old floor:-

HG Extra
Used as a deep cleaner to remove cement, excess grout, brick dust, plaster dust – very aggressive will also rejuvenate grout.

HG Remover
Intensive deep cleaner for fat, grease, dirt, grime and old wax.

HG Floor Glue remover
Excellent at removing glue from carpet gripper rods and foam backed carpets

HG Spot Stain remover
Removes stubborn stains and tar spots

LTP Grout stain remover
Rapid acting cleaner to remove grout and other cement based residues, can be used concentrated or diluted.

Main materials for tiling a new floor:-

Single part flexible grout in 3kgs or 10kgs - suitable for concrete and timber subfloors- interior or exterior use. Anti- mould as standard and very easy to work with.

Single part flexible S1 floor adhesive suitable for overlaid timber floors or concrete - interior or exterior use.

Leveller - Ultra Levelit one leveller is fibre reinforced to allow a thin smear of 3mm to smooth a flat floor or be used right up to 50mm thick to level very uneven or sloping floors. This is one of the best levelling compounds you can buy, excellent self smoothing characteristics and not requiring anything other than plain water.

We stock several different primers to suit all substrates including anhydrite screeds commonly used now on new builds.

LTP Matt stone
Sealer to penetrate as a first seal and as a clear top coat for long lasting protection – gives a mat finish.



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